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utility audit auditing Serving our clients for over 25 years -
recovering overcharges and causing
future savings. To date, we have
recovered over $90 million for our
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utility audit auditing utility audit auditing utility audit auditing utility audit auditing

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What if you could pay your company’s utility and telecom-based expenses each month and be secure in the knowledge that they were accurate, within contract compliance, and that your company was taking advantage of all available opportunities hidden within the utility company’s tariffs?

Most companies don’t mind paying their fair share for services, but no one likes to be overcharged, or have the feeling they are paying more than they are required to.

Since 1989 McKenzie & Associates has proudly and tenaciously been performing utility auditing and tariff rate bill management—and now offer the best quality telcom audits available. We’ve gone about the business of ensuring that our clients are billed accurately and the most cost-effectively for their utility services and/or telecom-based expenses for over 25 years.

We are an expense management and audit firm whose mission is to make sure that our clients pay absolutely no more to their utility suppliers, telecom vendors, and other vendors than those vendors are entitled to receive. 

A thorough understanding of utility company and telecom billing practices and tariff structures enables us to identify common areas of overcharge, along with opportunities to obtain more favorable pricing and overall savings – and without having to change the way our clients actually use their utilities.

Whether through a historical audit to recover overcharges – usually performed on a contingency basis – or ongoing review to simultaneously audit and capture data critical for management of costs, we provide a function that most companies have neither the expertise nor resources to perform in-house.  Recovery amounts vary, but we are successful in 85% - 90% of the time in causing either a refund or future saving.

We are one of the oldest and most experienced utility and telecom auditing firms, and no one takes the mission of looking out for their clients more personally than we do. 

We love what we do, we’re proud of what we provide for our clients, and we’re very, very good at it.




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Our Utility / Telecom audit clients include commercial and industrial facilities from small to large. Hospitals to hotels, supermarkets to factories, apartment buildings to restaurants. We serve several Fortune 100 companies as well as municipalities.

Current and Past clients include:

Apple Computer
Chevys Fresh Mex
Sierra Nevada Brewery
Save Mart Supermarkets
Noah’s Bagels
Gordon Biersch Brewery
Peet’s Coffee
General Electric 
Rite Aid
Earthbound Farms
Williams-Sonoma Inc.

We were extremely satisfied with the results achieved by McKenzie & Associates and will highly consider them for future auditing purposes. GE Corporate



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