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Telcom Expense Audit

Our mission is to make sure that our clients are not being overcharged for any of their services, and are actually receiving the great pricing they contracted for and expect they are receiving.
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In a Nutshell

Most companies aggressively negotiate their telecom contracts, but once the contract is signed do not have the resources to put the same effort into making sure that those contracts are administered properly or do not auto-renew at default pricing.

Monthly invoices contain very little information and do not telegraph when rates go higher because of penalties for either over or under usage.

Companies in a growth mode are particularly susceptible to these kinds of overcharges.

How We Help

We review every charge on the bill from taxes down to the individual call level of your CDR.

The audit reconciles every expense against the current contract, as well as industry averages and alternatives. We have the time and expertise needed to do a full inquiry that a rapidly growing company just can’t spare. Our auditors have over 20 years of industry experience running the day-to-day operations of telecommunications companies.
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What's Included:

  • We validate all charges against the provided contracts.
  • We look for any instances of non-contract compliance
  • We check all raw CDR for duplicates, mis-billings, call-duration issues, and identify any traffic that does not belong to the client.
  • We compare Cost Per Minute (CPM) usage charges against industry averages.
  • We identify all IP circuits by location to validate redundancy and Utilization.
  • We review all network elements with an eye towards ensuring efficient utilization.
  • We look for service/equipment cancellations that do not get reflected in subsequent bills
  • We look for under-utilization of services or paying for more than is needed
  • We determine Short Call Duration Percentage (% of calls with a duration of 6 seconds or less).
  • We determine off-hook duration issues (being billed for “Network Time” or “Off-Hook Time”)


  • Possible refunds from identification of past overcharges – which can be substantial
  • Ongoing cost savings due to correction of ongoing errors
  • Fiduciary peace of mind from having “another set of eyes” and confidence that overcharges are not occurring
  • We will provide alerts to instances where costs are above industry averages
  • We will review all contracts for language terms and commitments that may not benefit our clients, and provide recommendations on how to maximize benefits when negotiating renewals.
  • Peace of mind

We perform all these tasks with a real-world understanding of the industry and sensitivity for the everyday demands put upon our client's staff. While we will of course need a client liaison, we minimize requests for client staff involvement us as much as we possibly can.

What overcharges are you not aware of?

With our Telecom bill audit we ensure that you are not being overcharged, and are actually receiving the great pricing you contracted for.
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