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Telcom Expense Audit for VoIP Providers

Our mission is to make sure that our clients are not being overcharged for any of their services, and are actually receiving the great pricing they contracted for and expect they are receiving. We are so confident, we'll pay you if we can't help you.
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In a Nutshell

You’re a successful VOIP company – you didn’t get there without knowing how to design networks, procure services, or negotiate great pricing.  (You don’t need us for that purpose…and rest assured that’s not what we want to provide.)

And, you’ve probably grown at an exponential rate.

Unfortunately, you may have put more effort into growing your company than making sure your expenses were being billed properly. It seems that especially when in a growth mode there is never enough time or staff to continually re-evaluate invoices and identify billing mistakes and issues that may not be obvious… and they almost never are.

How We Help

We review every charge on the bill from taxes down to the individual call level of your CDR.

The audit reconciles every expense against the current contract, as well as industry averages and alternatives. We have the time and expertise needed to do a full inquiry that a rapidly growing company just can’t spare. Our auditors have over 20 years of industry experience running the day-to-day operations of telecommunications companies.
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Our No-Brainer Promise

What makes our offer compelling to many VOIP providers is that our compensation is totally results-based; a share of the refunds produced and/or the future savings we are responsible for is all we receive. 

As such, we are willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars to perform this audit with no guarantee of recovering any of our investment. We can only do this because we are so confident in our ability to cause recoveries.

Because some potential clients have expressed a concern that – however minimal we promise it will be – the staff time devoted to dealing with us will be a cost to them if we end up not finding any recoveries or savings, we’ll pay up to $10,000 to cover those costs...upfront! - depending on the amount of monthly telecom spend.

If desired by the client, we’ll be happy to write a check to the client for up to $10,000 upon our engagement, with the stipulation that if we don’t find at least that much in recoveries, the client can cash the check with our compliments.

Promise Contract


What's Included:

  • We validate all charges against the provided contracts.
  • We check all raw CDR for duplicates, mis-billings, call-duration issues, and identify any traffic that does not belong to the client.
  • We compare Cost Per Minute (CPM) usage charges against industry averages.
  • We identify all IP circuits by location to validate redundancy and Utilization.
  • We review all network elements with an eye towards ensuring efficient utilization.
  • We look for service/equipment cancellations that do not get reflected in subsequent bills
  • We look for under-utilization of services or paying for more than is needed
  • We reconcile every XCON MRC at every Colo site with the provided circuit MRC from the carrier to ensure XCONS are not being paid for on circuits that were cancelled.
  • We determine Short Call Duration Percentage (% of calls with a duration of 6 seconds or less).
  • We determine off-hook duration issues (are they being billed for “Network Time” or “Off-Hook Time”)
  • We look for any instances of non-contract compliance


  • Possible refunds from identification of past overcharges – which can be substantial -
  • Ongoing cost savings due to correction of ongoing errors
  • Fiduciary peace of mind from having “another set of eyes” and confidence that overcharges are not occurring
  • If desired, we will provide alerts to instances where costs above industry averages
  • For large expenditures (such as - CNAM and 8XX processing services), if desired we can frequently recommend cost-effective alternatives.
  • If desired, we will review all contracts for language terms and commitments that may not benefit our clients, and provide recommendations on how to maximize benefits when negotiating renewals.
  • We review vendor invoices for any fees which indicate client procedural issues (such as excessive 8XX NASC fees).
  • We review 8XX inventory levels from a LEAN management perspective to eliminate wasted inventories/quarantines.
  • We identify the total monthly spend on network and regulatory as a ratio to the monthly spend on usage.
  • We identify and make the client aware any issues that may be FCC concerns.
  • Peace of mind

We perform all these tasks with a real-world understanding of the industry and sensitivity for the everyday demands put upon our client's staff. While we will of course need a client liaison, we minimize requests for client staff involvement us as much as we possibly can.

What overcharges are you not aware of?

With our Telecom bill audit for VoIP you ensure that you are not being overcharged, and are actually receiving the great pricing you contracted for. We'll pay YOU if we don't find a recovery.
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