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Since 1989 McKenzie & Associates has proudly and tenaciously been performing Telecom and Utility Bill auditing - ensuring that our clients are billed accurately, and the most cost-effectively, for their telecom-based expenses and utility services.
We have had tremendous success

Our Clients

US Bank
General Electric GE
Rite Aid
Ring Central contracted McKenzie & Associates in 2014 to do a thorough audit of all our telecom expenses. McKenzie caused a substantial amount of ongoing savings by identifying things that quite frankly we never would have thought of or discovered on our own. The effort on our part was minimal, and we could not be more pleased.
James Kafieh
Vice President
Ring Central
US Bank
General Electric GE
Rite Aid
Chipotle Mexican Grill
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Utility & Telecom Bill Auditing

What We Do

Most companies don’t mind paying their fair share for services, but no one likes to be overcharged, or have the feeling they are paying more than they are required to.

We are an expense management and audit firm whose mission is to make sure that our clients pay absolutely no more to their utility suppliers, telecom vendors, and other vendors than those vendors are entitled to receive.

A thorough understanding of utility company and telecom billing practices and tariff structures enables us to identify common areas of overcharge, along with opportunities to obtain more favorable pricing and overall savings – all without our client having to change the way they actually use their services or the amount they use.

What To Expect

Recovery amounts vary, but we are successful in 80% - 90% of the time in causing either a refund or future saving.

We literally are one of the oldest and most experienced Utility and Telecom auditing firms, and no one takes the mission of looking out for their clients more personally than we do.

We love what we do, we’re proud of what we provide for our clients, and we’re very, very good at it.

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Utility & Telecom Bill Auditing Services

Utility Bill Audit

A utility bill audit from McKenzie & Associates ensures that your company is not being over-charged by the utilities that service your company.
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We review every charge on the bill from taxes down to the individual call level of your CDR. The audit reconciles every expense against the current contract, as well as industry averages and alternatives.
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Utility Bill Processing

We handle all the utility bills, review them periodically, and capture information that you can then use to optimize expenses.
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Electricity and Gas Procurement

Our electricity and gas procurement service offers the opportunity for the retail end-user to participate in the two main benefits of a deregulated market - cost savings and price stability.
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Site Setup Services

In our Utility Site Setup Service, we completely manage the process of the ordering and installation of all utilities, including garbage and telephony, if desired.
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Profit Enhancement

We help organizations of all sizes reduce overall expense structure by minimizing waste, lowering overhead and administration, and identifying and eliminating errors.
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Why pay more than your fair share?

Since 1989 McKenzie & Associates has proudly and tenaciously been performing Telecom and Utility Bill auditing - ensuring that our clients are billed accurately, and the most cost-effectively. We're responsible for over $10,000,000 in savings and growing every day.
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